A Slice Of Selflessness

It’s the holiday season – a time where kindness and generosity are typically in abundance and we are more willing to bestow blessings onto others. It is for that very reason, the holidays are my favorite time of year.  Personally, I love reading stories or articles about random acts of kindness during any time of the year, but I especially love it when the story involves someone I know.  It is my honor to present a truly amazing story that involves my best friend, Adrianna Bolles.

First let me give you a few minor details. I’ve known Adrianna practically my whole life. She’s a super cool, beautiful, amazing mother, and an incredibly selfless human being! She’s also an assistant manager at the Davanni’s on Riverside in south Minneapolis where she has worked since she was a teenager.  This particular Davanni’s is located right by the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital as well.

Last night, around 7:30pm while stepping outside on her break with a co-worker, Adrianna Bolles sent me a couple photos on snapchat that gave me, as she called it, “warm fuzzies”! The first snap (pictured below) was sent with a picture of a window on the Masonic Children’s Building – on the window was a message that read “PLEASE SEND PIZZA!” with the room number on the adjacent window. She included the caption of “Just noticed this on the window of the hospital across the street… gonna send em a pizza!”image_1

Moments later she sent another photo of the same window but with the curtains drawn covering up the pizza plea, but not before Adrianna quickly took down the room number and decided to follow up on their S.O.S.!

As soon as Adrianna and her co-worker noticed the request, Adrianna went inside and told one of the other employees to make a pizza so that they could send it over the hospital. Once the large cheese pizza was made, they sent a driver to the hospital to deliver the pizza. As soon as the driver got there, he asked the security guard to call the room number, but the guard already knew right away who it was for.

The room belonged to a sick little boy and his family was there with him. Once they got the call, the whole family came down and was SOOOO incredibly happy and thankful! The driver told them that his manager, Adrianna, had seen their request and really wanted to help. They were thrilled! They didn’t really expect their message to be seen, let alone the request fulfilled, but they were ecstatic that it had been!   The family, whose name they unfortunately didn’t get, asked the delivery driver to pose for a picture with them as a way of remembering this simple, yet very meaningful, act of kindness.

You see, folks? It doesn’t take much to be an example of a good humanitarian. A little compassion went a long way and became one of the most endearing stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.  A kind heart, a great staff, and large cheese pizza from Davanni’s brought so much joy to a child and his family going through a tough time.

To Adrianna Bolles and the rest of the Davanni’s staff working last night (December 12th, 2016) – you are all incredible! What was probably a daily routine process for you – taking an order, making the pizza, and delivering it… turned into something so extraordinary and meaningful. In a world where negative headlines flood our newsfeed, it’s important that stories like this are equally publicized. You folks have done a wonderful thing and I applaud you all!  Thank you for being so kind and thank you for being a beacon of positivity.

Authors Disclaimer:
I have not asked nor have been granted permission to release any personal information from the family receiving the pizza. I also have not asked nor received Davanni’s approval (aside from Adrianna Bolles granting me permission to use her as a source) to include their name/location in this blog.

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