27 things I’m thankful for 

My birthdays (yes, plural, although I only celebrate November) are always an emotional time for me. I dont know why but I always get real reflective at this time and boggled down with so many mixed emotions. I’m happy to have lived this life another year, but at the time I always get emotional as well. Maybe it’s the “getting older” aspect. Maybe it’s the realization that not all of the goals I set out for my self during the last year have come to fruition. Then, of course, being the softie that I secretly am, I start to feel terrible about feeling this way because there are plenty of people that would’ve wished to see another birthday but never did. Whew! You see why birthdays are a self-inflicted struggle for me? LOL. So this year for my 27th birthday instead of making goals for the year ahead… I’m going to write out 27 things that I’m thankful for.

27 things I’m thankful for

  1. My parents – let’s face it, I was seriously meant to be their kid. The stars aligned in such a fashion that to call it a coincidence would be a direct insult to the Gods.
  2. Waking up to see another day, regardless of its outcome.
  3. My partner in crime. 13 years you’ve been down and you’ve seen every side of me imaginable.
  4. My whodies!  Noun | Pronunciation: Whoa-Dee’s  Synonyms: friends/ clique/ crew LOL friendship is so funny, you basically pick someone and be like “Yep. That’ll work.” And just do stuff with them. There is something so soul-repairing about hanging out with your friends, though.
  5. Family. Blood was never needed to create our bond and you all showed me that.
  6. My fur friends, past and present. Until I have my own kids, this is the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to receiving unconditional love.
  7. The person that made the very first Taco. Sir/Ma’am… you changed the world the day you put meat into a tortilla. And I am forever grateful.
  8. Deep conversations with elders. Past the wrinkles, past the faded color in their eyes, is a wisdom so deep. Majority of the time, all they want to do is share what they know. And by that transfer of knowledge, they seal their immortality. Take time to listen and learn. They know far more than you, and we all will want someone to listen to us when we grow old as well.
  9. Walt Disney. Dude. DUDE. DUUUUUUUUUDE!! ‘Nuff said.
  10. My co-workers. These are the people you see more than you see your own family. They become like a family in their own way.
  11. Books. To me, it’s like a round trip ticket to any and everywhere, right in the palm of your hands.
  12. Food. The substance of life. Little bits (or lotta bits if you’re me) of consumable heaven. I love it all – the cooking, the presentation, the eating… especially the eating!
  13. Bacon. I know I just said food… but let’s be real, bacon is not food. Bacon is LIFE!
  14. First world privileges that we naively associate with “rights” like clean water, access to food, a roof over our head, money in the bank, love.
  15. Mother nature; Northern Lights, Fall foliage, full moons, hot days with cool lakes, the view from the peak of mountains, snow sticking to pine trees… so much beauty, everywhere.
  16. Daylight savings time. Only the “fall behind” adjustment because we get one more glorious hour to sleep! Not the “spring ahead” one. F**k you spring and your 60 minute thievery!
  17. The holiday season October – December. I was once asked when I was a kid “what’s your favorite season?” (meaning spring, summer, fall, or winter) I said“Football because that’s when the holidays are!”
  18. In addition to #17 – The people in my life that get my quirkiness and don’t judge (at least out loud) me for it LOL
  19. Syndicated TV shows. I will watch I Love Lucy, Friends, Scrubs, Home Improvement, How I Met Your Mother, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air as if it were a new episode. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  20. Comedy. Whether it’s finding it in a show, in friends, in my self… laughter cures all ailments of the soul.
  21. Supernatural subjects. Nothing peaks my interest more than the topic of ANYTHING supernatural. Ghosts, spirits, gods, magic… it’s all so fascinating.
  22. Kitchens. I will sacrifice the size of almost every room in my house to have a bigger kitchen. That’s my domain. That’s my happy place.
  23. New socks. I mean really, can you think of a better feeling? I’ll wait.
  24. Mistakes. We all have made them. We’ve learned from most of them. We all thought at some point we’d never survive (some of) our mistakes… but look at us now. Just look at us!! Walkin’ around, livin’, and shit. Yay we!!
  25. The way my face just somehow formed into a semi-attractive feature. I feel real awkward about saying that – contrary to the insane amount of selfies in my phone… I promise you  I. AM. NOT. VAIN. Lol But I was blessed with these features that stuck to this potato head of mine and I would be ungrateful to not acknowledge it.
  26. Technology. We have the world’s knowledge in a 10 inch device that we decorate with cute cases. Who would’ve ever thought that would be possible
  27. Photographs/Cameras. I’m known to capture random moments on my camera and I love doing so. Pictures are a way for us to physically hold onto moments we never want to forget
    Bonus: My DNA givers. Whether or not your sacrifice was difficult or came easy to you, I will never know. What I do know is that the choice you made, gave me a better life than I deserve and I will spend the rest of my life making the most of it.

Shit! That last line is a goal. Welp! It’s a good one, with no deadline that I would inevitably miss…so…whatever!

As always, thanks for reading. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Thank you, for being you. You’re awesome sauce!

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