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27 things I’m thankful for 

My birthdays (yes, plural, although I only celebrate November) are always an emotional time for me. I dont know why but I always get real reflective at this time and boggled down with so many mixed emotions. I’m happy to have lived this life another year, but at the time I always get emotional as well. Maybe it’s the “getting older” aspect. Maybe it’s the realization that not all of the goals I set out for my self during the last year have come to fruition. Then, of course, being the softie that I secretly am, I start to feel terrible about feeling this way because there are plenty of people that would’ve wished to see another birthday but never did. Whew! You see why birthdays are a self-inflicted struggle for me? LOL. So this year for my 27th birthday instead of making goals for the year ahead… I’m going to write out 27 things that I’m thankful for. Continue reading 27 things I’m thankful for