“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille”

JULIEHi – I’m Julie “Julie Dangerously” Somerson. The blog name is a play off of the movie title “Johnny Dangerously”, an 80’s spoof film of 1930’s era gangster starring Michael Keaton which happens to be one of my  top 10 favorite movies (if you haven’t watched it, you should!). The reason for this blog is simple: Like anyone else, I have thoughts. Thoughts that I express publicly on different platforms, and thoughts that I keep to myself. It just so happens that sometimes the private ones are worth sharing, and the public ones I end up deleting after review.

I don’t have a goal here. I’m not trying to be someone’s hero, I’m not targeting a specific audience, and I certainly am not expecting this blog to achieve anything other than an outlet for my ever-running mind. I sort of suck at grammar and proper punctuation – luckily this isn’t a formal business memo nor language arts class and I don’t have to care about that.  (To my middle school language arts teacher, Ms. Purdy, should you read this… I sincerely apologize in advance!) Truth be told, I write – A LOT. But rarely do I share any of it because once it’s down on paper, (yep, I’m a purist like that) it’s out of my system.

However, I figured I can’t be the only one with the thoughts that I have – and if I am, at least it will be entertaining for anyone that may read this. Like i said, I don’t have a goal here. My blog is not themed or geared towards anything in particular. Sometimes it might be my views on current events, sometimes it might be more private thoughts that I feel comfortable enough sharing. Sometimes I’ll curse like a sailor. Sometimes I’ll contradict myself completely because I change my mind a lot. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and make an argument for the opposing side (one of the benefits of being excellent in the debate club).  Sometimes the way I feel about life is dependent on what “side of the bed” i wake up on. What can I say, I’m human!

Anywhooooo – enough rambling on and on . Follow me on a completely random journey … Or not.I’m perfectly fine with talking to myself.


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