“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille”

JULIEHi – I’m Julie “Julie Dangerously” Somerson. The blog name is a play off of the movie title “Johnny Dangerously”, an 80’s spoof film of 1930’s era gangster starring Michael Keaton which happens to be one of my  top 10 favorite movies (if you haven’t watched it, you should!). The reason for this blog is simple: Like anyone else, I have thoughts. Thoughts that I express publicly on different platforms, and thoughts that I keep to myself. It just so happens that sometimes the private ones are worth sharing, and the public ones I end up deleting after review. Continue reading “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille”

I Do! ….Eventually!

Love is in the air and yule tide blessings are taking form in many engagement rings! I’ve seen numerous posts recently of friends or friends of friends getting engaged this Christmas and it is truly awesome! I LOVE, love!! There is something so heartwarming about seeing two people, whether fresh in it or well-seasoned, so engulfed in each other. Marriage, to most, is a sacred bond between two souls that is supposed to last for eternity. The history of marriage has shown us that the necessity of it has transformed so much but the due-process for it has still remained relatively the same.  It’s around this time, when “love is in the air” that those around us that have been previously intoxicated with loves tantalizing aroma will usually inquire to those of us that are single, in committed relationships, or otherwise unmarried folks with the age old question:

“ So, when are you going to settle down and get married?”  Continue reading I Do! ….Eventually!

A Slice Of Selflessness

It’s the holiday season – a time where kindness and generosity are typically in abundance and we are more willing to bestow blessings onto others. It is for that very reason, the holidays are my favorite time of year.  Personally, I love reading stories or articles about random acts of kindness during any time of the year, but I especially love it when the story involves someone I know.  It is my honor to present a truly amazing story that involves my best friend, Adrianna Bolles. Continue reading A Slice Of Selflessness

Cyber Bullying

“When life is so burdensome, death has become a sought after refuge.”

My heart hurts. Today I read an article about an 18 year old girl that committed suicide in front of her family today, all because she endured months and months of being bullied at school and online. According to the reports, her bullies even created fake online profiles of her while claiming she was soliciting sex online.   How sick is this?!  Who gave these little assholes the right to terrorize this child to death? Continue reading Cyber Bullying

27 things I’m thankful for 

My birthdays (yes, plural, although I only celebrate November) are always an emotional time for me. I dont know why but I always get real reflective at this time and boggled down with so many mixed emotions. I’m happy to have lived this life another year, but at the time I always get emotional as well. Maybe it’s the “getting older” aspect. Maybe it’s the realization that not all of the goals I set out for my self during the last year have come to fruition. Then, of course, being the softie that I secretly am, I start to feel terrible about feeling this way because there are plenty of people that would’ve wished to see another birthday but never did. Whew! You see why birthdays are a self-inflicted struggle for me? LOL. So this year for my 27th birthday instead of making goals for the year ahead… I’m going to write out 27 things that I’m thankful for. Continue reading 27 things I’m thankful for 

Dear Apprehensive (white) People….

Truth be told, I didn’t plan on my first blog post to be such a “heavy topic”. I thought it would’ve been a recipe, a satire piece on why the world doesn’t need an inside-out cat (Sphinx cat), 1000 words on how awesome the movie Mrs. Doubtfire is, or showing some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of my incredible view at the airport I work at. But it’s not.  Never have I felt more compelled to say something, in the wake of the two murders that have taken place in the last 24 hours (one in Baton Rouge, LA and Falcon Heights in my home state of Minnesota) even though it has all been said many times by people much more brilliant than I.

 Dear apprehensive (white) people – Continue reading Dear Apprehensive (white) People….